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Our CCX-240 machines are used by people wishing to start their own Carbon Cleaning business, or for people looking for to add an additional service to an existing business

The CCX-240 is brought to you by Carbo-Clean and is a completely self-contained Carbon Cleaning unit; engineered and built in the UK and designed for mobile or static garaged-based engine Carbon Cleaning. Our machines come with FREE delivery (UK customers) and a full 12 months warranty The Carbon cleaning service sells for between £75 and £100 per clean, with an actually cost of just 5 pence per clean, this is an incredibly profitably business. We are sure you can do the maths to work out how much you can earn by cleaning 1,2,3,4, or 5 cleans per day. Moreover, we can actually assist you with advice and marketing support to assist you in achieving a very rewarding livelihood.

What is Carbon Cleaning?

When burning fuel in a petrol, diesel or LPG engine, small amounts of carbon residue are produced and some of these carbon particles cling to the internal components and airways within the engine, overtime these carbon particles build-up and form a crusty residue over the working parts within your engine. Valves, pistons, turbo-vanes and EGR valves are all at risk of being effected by excessive carbon deposits.

This carbon build-up reduces the efficiency and performance of an engine, shortens the life-cycle of engine parts and decreases fuel economy and increases a vehicles emissions. With our modern style of driving, congested roads, and stop-start lifestyles the issue of carbon build-up within an engine, is more prevalent than ever.

Our Carbon Cleaning machines are fast, efficient, and completely safe. The machine automatically manages the hydrogen pulse into the engine. The effects of injecting Oxy-hydrogen makes it possible to raise the combustion temperature to trigger a pyrolysis, a chemical reaction that vaporises, and eliminates carbon deposits. We simply insert a tube from our engine-decarbonising machine into the

air intake duct of an engine and leave the process to run. The average vehicle takes 30-45 minutes to be cleaned. Prices vary from £75 – £100 for a standard Carbon clean, commercial, plant and boats are normally charged at a much higher rate.

What is the size of the market?
The market is vast and the numbers are staggering. According to UK government statistics (2016) there are over 37 million licenced vehicles currently on the road in the UK. Carbon Cleaning is suitable for cleaning car, vans, commercial vehicles, boats and plant, engines The CCX-240 is a versatile stand-alone machine and constructed from only the best UK sourced materials. Boasting an output of 290-400 litres per hour of high quality self-generated Oxy-hydrogen mix, perfectly suitable for the decarbonizing of any vehicles engine.

Price and what is included with our CCX-240 Machine?

By purchasing the CCX-240 you are not only getting a complete self-contained unit and business, you are also getting a complete operating package. Our Machines are £1,850 and includes free delivery in the UK

  • A Complete self-contained unit constructed in a steel, powder coated case (64 x 32 x 54cm) weight 23kg (Dry)
  • A starter pack of potassium hydroxide, this is mixed with de-ionised water to assist the electrolysis process in producing hydrogen (Starter pack is enough for in excess of 150 cleans)
  • Complete operating instructions (In English)
  • Free delivery: dispatch or delivery is arranged within 1-2 days after purchase, Payment will be required with order.
  • Guidance, advice, and assistance with marketing and selling the service
  • We supply customer T&C’s in template format and 1,000 Tri-fold marketing flyers, in printed format, saving you time and money on any marketing design work (T&C’s will need editing to suit your own personal circumstances)
  • Free delivery, this will also give you the opportunity to meet us in person where we can answer any questions you might have about the business (UK only), depending on your location we may opt to ship via courier at our cost
  • Overseas buyers are subject to a shipping fee and we don’t deliver in person, deliveries are sent by tracked courier.

Warranty and cleaning times

Our 12 month warranty covers the components of the unit, if in the unlikely event something fails within the unit we can replace any malfunctioning parts, it would be easy to identify any problem and spare parts are kept in stock and can be shipped out immediately. If in the un-lightly event the complete CCX-240 unit needs to be returned to our workshop for repair, the owner would be responsible for that shipping.

Rough cleaning times

Engines up to 2 litres=30-40 minutes

Engines 2+ to-3 litres=40-50 minutes

Engines 3+ to-4 litres=60-65 minutes

Engines 4+ to 6 litres=90 minutes

Engines 6+ to 9 litres=120 minutes

Overseas buyers

We can ship to customers within the European Union, shipments are send out on a 3/5 day tracked courier service (Normally UPS). Overseas shipments are despatched in a secure protected wooden carton. Please contact before purchase to ensure we can ship carefully and safely to your country and get a shipping a current price.

View before you buy

You are welcome to visit and view our units in either Essex or Wiltshire, by appointment of course.

So if you are looking for a business with an incredible profit margins and very low overheads, or for an additional service to add as a bolt-on to an existing business, perhaps Carbon Cleaning is for you.

With selling prices from £75 – £100 per clean, and a cost of just 5 pence per clean, you can see why this is such an attractive offering. Remember we can help you with advice and guidance which we happily share after your purchase

CCX-240 Carbon Cleaning Machine in action
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